What is Modern IT?

The paradigm shift of better IT affects any company that wants to elevate its operational maturity level, regardless of the starting point. This is becoming a competitive imperative, given the benefits.

How to enable your team to do more in the cloud

Today’s evolving workforce expects mobility, flexibility, and modern technology that unchains them from VPNs, on-premises servers, and bloated software. If there’s one technology that allows companies to provide these benefits without adding unnecessary complexity, it’s the cloud.

Level up your Microsoft 365 skills

Technical employee empowerment For decades the average professional has been able to get away with basic technology skills. If they could access the shared network drive and use Microsoft applications like Outlook, Word, and Excel, they would be able to perform their...

Working from anywhere, safely

The year 2022 is bringing yet another wave of challenges as we continue our parade of working from the office, working from home, or working while travelling. Now, many of us have been doing this for quite a while, thanks to our laptops, docks, home Wi-Fi etc. We are...

Microsoft’s New Commerce Experience

Microsoft is making two significant changes which are getting conflated: price changes to Microsoft 365 seat-based subscriptions and the launching of the New Commerce Experience (NCE). Effective March 1, subscriptions will increase on average 15 per cent (depending on...