Happy Birthday Smart Dolphins!

The paradigm shift of better IT affects any company that wants to elevate its operational maturity level, regardless of the starting point. This is becoming a competitive imperative, given the benefits.

How to enable your team to do more in the cloud

Today’s evolving workforce expects mobility, flexibility, and modern technology that unchains them from VPNs, on-premises servers, and bloated software. If there’s one technology that allows companies to provide these benefits without adding unnecessary complexity, it’s the cloud.

Business continuity when you still need that server

Now that there is a viable cloud alternative for just about everything, there are some businesses that continue to need to maintain a server in their office. This can be used to accommodate substantial amounts of data that need to be readily accessible, like video or...

Strategic Planning and IT Strategy

Strategy and a proper strategic planning process helps you “eat the elephant” one digital transformation bite at a time to meet your business goals You may have heard the expression that “there is only one way to eat an elephant: one bite at a time.” To eat an...