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We provide a range of Managed IT services to BC organizations. Our unique process ensures that our clients’ IT is aligned with world-class standards and best practices. Never worry about your business IT again. Connect with a Dolphin today.

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Client Success

I have been working closely with Smart Dolphins for just over a year now, since IT starting reporting in to me. I have very limited IT experience and therefore knew I’d have to lean on them tremendously. They are professional and knowledgeable and always quick to respond to any our needs, big or small. Our business is always evolving which brings new IT challenges to the table regularly. Smart Dolphins never bat an eye with our ever-changing needs and just bare down and the get the job done for us. We are very grateful to have them on our team.

—Laura Bolster, Chief Operations Officer, Megson Fitzpatrick Inc. (MFI)

Client Success

I have been very impressed with Smart Dolphins’ level of service over the last 10 years. I highly recommend them for any business looking to improve its IT Systems.

—Scott Farquhar, Pearlman Lindholm

Client Success

Smart Dolphins have also been extremely valuable in guiding the future of our technology. They really spent the time necessary to get to know our organization’s needs and I have great confidence in the solutions they’ve provided to make our organization more effective and efficient.

—Patti Hunter, KidSport Victoria

Client Success

Smart Dolphins proactive approach to IT systems has increased our productivity while providing an excellent level of support.

—Calum MacKinnon, Helmsman Management

Technology with Porpoise!

Founded in 2000, Smart Dolphins is an award-winning provider of computer support and networking for businesses in Victoria, Nanaimo and Kelowna. We’ve worked hard to build a reputation for helping organizations grow and succeed, by providing the highest quality managed IT services at a cost-effective price. Ready to transform your business and achieve your goals quicker? Let’s work together to help your business make a splash!



Leading edge IT that drives growth and success.



Proactive IT leadership dedicated to aligning your organization’s goals with your IT.



Award-winning IT support. Serving BC businesses for 17 years.



Managed IT founded on developing and adhering to process and policy.

From Our Blog

Pod Pointers


The Cornerstone of Centralized Services

Technology and automation is the promise of this age. Of course, it doesn’t happen without talent and investment. Smart Dolphins provides both with our Centralized Services (CS) and our Essential Technology Suite. We’ve invested countless hours and dollars...

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IT Consultation

A 30 minute discussion about an important part of your business (or life) can be surprisingly valuable. When was the last time you had that with your Accountant? Lawyer? IT person? A facilitated review of these critical functions in a business can uncover...

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The ROI of Managed IT

We all know, “You get what you pay for”. It’s a cliché, rule of thumb that we can loosely apply to many things in life. Of course, it doesn’t always work that way. You can pay a lot for something and not get value out of it. That said, the Rule does...

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Meet Our Pod

Dave Monahan


I founded Smart Dolphins on May 1st 2000 out of the back room of my house. Initially this was to simply fulfill the work experience...

Jesse Smith

Operations Manager

I began my career with Smart Dolphins in 2004. Recently out of college, I was excited, eager, and confident; and those traits were...

Danny Tew

Support Team Engineer

I am a Level 2 Service Desk technician who tackles the everyday reactive issues that our Allies face with an extremely helpful and...

Meghan McEachern


I provide the marketing muscle at Smart Dolphins. I dabble in a variety of marketing tactics and strategies. Over the last 12 years,...

Sean Forseth

Project Engineer

My interest in technology started with a Tandy 3000, when I was 9 years old. In 2003, I completed my diploma in Windows Administration...
Joe Payne

Joe Payne

Vice President of Operations

I moved to Victoria from Nelson in search of a job in the tech sector back in 2003. I first started with Smart Dolphins as an Onsite...
Paul Holmes

Paul Holmes

Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO)

I am a Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) at Smart Dolphins IT Solutions, BC’s' premiere Managed IT service company. I help...

Ian Bird

Support Team Engineer

The bulk of my time is dedicated to ensuring that our clients’ IT processes and services are up-to-date. If I am not in someone’s...

Ty Hedden

Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO)

Originally from PEI and after living in many parts of BC, I decided to settle down on my second island home in Victoria. The...

Andrew Rivett

Virtual IT Manager (vITM)

I started with Smart Dolphins in 2012 coming from a background providing varied IT support for a range of business and personal needs....

Ross Speirs

Support Team Manager

I work with our end users to coordinate the resolution of their IT inquiries. The quicker the path to resolution for the customer the...

Chad Ryan

Support Team Engineer

I have been interested in computers since I was 10 years old. I started my career in IT as a Network Administrator for a private...

Daniel Knippshild

Virtual IT Manager (vITM)

Hi! My name is Daniel and I’ve been in the IT industry for quite some time now. I started my career in my hometown of Ladysmith, BC....

Werner Baron

Centralized Services

I work closely with Smart Dolphins’ allies, to get them out of the IT mediocrity spiral, through proactive management and onsite...

Mariola Czerkawska


I have been with Smart Dolphins for over 10 years. My primary focus is accounting but in recent months, my passion for our team has...

Christopher Kelsall

Technology Ambassador

I chose to join the Pod at Smart Dolphins IT Solutions because the company is like none other. From the top-down, as well as from...
Bruce Kaiser

Bruce Kaiser

Support Team Engineer

My interest in computers started when I got an Apple for Christmas when I was in grade 10. Then, at one of my first jobs after...

Don McGregor (Recently Retired)

Project Engineer

In the late 80s looking to move back to the Island with my young family, I found work with a local IT company as a Sales Manager. This...


Office Dog Extrodinaire

Professional Napper, fetcher and local foodie.

Ryan Kingsbury

Project Engineer

I am a long-time hippie/techie Dolphin that has been hit with the “travel bug”. When in town and sometimes remotely, I help with...

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