We set clear expectations

Our unique process ensures that all parties have an opportunity to share and gather the information needed to pursue next steps.

First, we meet

As we hire for fit, we also determine if there is a fit with potential new clients. A healthy relationship is vital to achieving IT success. The first part of this process is to find out all about you, your IT, issues that you may be experiencing, and how your technology is affecting business. Sure, we share a little about what we do and answer questions that you may have, but the initial meeting is the first step in the discovery phase.

During the first meeting — should both parties feel that there may be a fit — a second meeting is arranged. This is where we take a deeper dive into the finer details of what life is like partnering with Smart Dolphins IT.


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We want to know your business IT as well or better than you do. This part of our unique process is carried out by our project delivery specialists. We need to learn about your business IT and to do this well we generally require an onsite visit.


We onboard one new client at a time, to get it right. During the onboarding process, we clearly identify all your support requirements and gather the information required for us to deliver our  managed IT services. The primary (but not all) steps of the onboarding process are as follows: site survey, backup and disaster recovery requirements, IT assessment, information gathering and team introductions and documentation.

IT assessment
IT delivery


This is the step where our technology solutions come to life. Our team will work both offsite and onsite to monitor and maintain a productive and secure IT environment. Your vCIO will work with you to keep your IT aligned with your business goals, develop and maintain budgets and help you build towards your goals.

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