We don’t know what we don’t know

by | Apr 14, 2023 | Business, Microsoft

“We don’t know what we don’t know”

This is an idea we’re all familiar with, and it is a truth that is becoming more meaningful in this dynamic and changing world.

In a competitive business, there can be a real opportunity cost in the “not knowing.” We must take advantage of big opportunities to deliver more value efficiently.

This is ever-prevalent with business technology. There is a lot to know, and opportunity costs are escalating. Just put your laptop in airplane mode for the day to feel the lost value of what you know. Now consider what you “don’t know” that has always been in airplane mode and hidden from you.

With technology, there is always more to know than you can know. It can be overwhelming. However, there is plenty of low-hanging fruit. Want to pick some? Smart Dolphins offers free weekly technology training – a fruit basket for all to share.

Learning about the features of Outlook or how to use Microsoft Teams better might seem less important than your wall of meetings and emails. But these things are investments in shrinking these walls that pay dividends daily.

Microsoft Teams is a technology that dramatically changes how businesses operate and create value. However, many only see Teams as remote meetings and a chat program (if it is seen at all). If you aren’t experiencing this fundamental change yet, you are in airplane mode; There is a lot you don’t know you don’t know. Yet, you might have access to Teams today: Fruit, just sitting in darkness.

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