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SkillsBoost is a powerful learning management system (LMS) designed to enhance your team’s skills across various applications. In today’s modern work environments, many companies fail to fully utilize the features and capabilities of their software tools, such as Microsoft 365. SkillsBoost addresses this knowledge gap by providing comprehensive training to empower your team with essential skills.

What is it?

SkillsBoost offers comprehensive short, focused video training to equip your team with the knowledge they need to excel in various software applications. Additionally, it provides a centralized platform to organize, manage, and deploy your company’s custom training content and policies.

How Does It Work?

With SkillsBoost, your team gains 24/7 access to a user-friendly environment through a web or Microsoft Teams portal. It centralizes pre-populated and custom training resources, ensuring easy accessibility and utilization.

Improve Organizational Security Posture

SkillsBoost provides a comprehensive range of cybersecurity awareness courses that enhance your team’s expertise in safeguarding valuable data and preventing cyber threats. Equipping your team with these essential skills minimizes vulnerabilities, mitigates risks, and helps safeguard your organization’s digital assets. Stay ahead of emerging threats with the continuously updated curriculum.

Master Microsoft 365 with Micro-Training

Unlock the full potential of this powerful suite, from mastering Microsoft Teams collaboration to harnessing the capabilities of SharePoint. SkillsBoost empowers your team to streamline workflows, maximize efficiency, and elevate productivity to new levels. Gain the competitive edge in the digital realm by equipping your team with the essential skills needed to thrive in today’s fast-paced modern IT environment.

Custom LMS: Optimize In-House Training

Set your training initiatives up for success by integrating SkillsBoost’s robust learning management system (LMS) into your organization. Create custom training courses and track user progress effortlessly, allowing you to identify and address learning gaps proactively. Empower your team to learn and grow in a streamlined manner through the intuitive admin dashboard.


SkillsBoost equips your team with a broad range of skills, enhancing their proficiency across various software applications.


Utilizing SkillsBoost’s short, focused video format, your team can optimize their workflow, saving time and improving overall productivity.


SkillsBoost makes content access simple by optimizing the management and searchability of pre-populated content, as well as your custom materials.


SkillsBoost offers specialized training focused on Microsoft 365. Uncover the power of Teams, Planner, SharePoint, OneNote, Loop, and more.

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