IT Services


Technology renewal is critical to an organization's success. Our project engineering team delivers a variety of new technology solutions on an ongoing basis. They can ignore the noise of day-to-day IT problems and focus on project planning and execution.

Hardware and software are the only additional costs related to projects and these projects are planned well in advance. Since all of our services are included in the fixed monthly fee, there are no surprise invoices from Smart Dolphins.


Smart Dolphins has invested a ton of resources into a suite of world-class, standard managed service technologies and tools. This valuable investment in automation is shared across all clients. What used to take an hour of human time now is done automatically in seconds and repeated countless times. Our clients receive immediate results, usually with little to no disruption.

Often our customers don’t even know a problem was corrected; they certainly don’t know how many problems are prevented by these solutions.

Here are just a few specific examples of the Centralized Services Smart Dolphins provides:

  • Remote Management Tools
  • Robust Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Automated Documentation
  • Patch Management
  • OpenDNS
  • CryptoPrevent
  • Essential Security Software


Our Dolphin Defenders dedicate 100% of their time to proactive IT. Armoured with the muscle of centralized services, Dolphin Defenders capture what automation cannot.

Our Network Admins are the “boots on the ground” that bring to life our unique approach to IT. While we generally try to reduce on-site visits, it’s critical that this function is performed at our client’s workplace.

Their porpoise is to develop best IT practices, defend networks against risk and annually review every client’s technology to discover insights and identify areas where clients can save money and reduce risk. The outcome is that we get ahead of the reactive problems, undo the inherent technology volatility and greatly reduce future issues.


Your Business Technology Navigator (BTN) is your dedicated IT Consultant.

Think of a BTN not so much as a technician but as a trusted IT consultant, who has years of experience, aligning business objectives with IT Systems.

Your BTN creates and presents short and long term IT plans and budgets, identifies and proposes projects and holds annual technology reviews to ensure our work delivers results.

Smart Dolphins’ BTN role gives organizations the much needed (and usually missing) technology strategy and experience to help navigate your IT roadmap and build the technology momentum that every business needs to compete, grow and succeed.


Our Service Desk, or Ally Response Team, provides rapid, friendly and efficient remote response. The success of our reactive service desk is driven by key metrics, such as tickets closed and our customer satisfaction score. Our IT support team ensures that our clients achieve optimal productivity by providing the support help they need, when they need it.

Our service desk achieved a 92% customer satisfaction rating in 2016.

This team is also responsible for helping the proactive roles identify systemic problems and patterns to ongoing issues so that the root problems can be corrected by our dedicated proactive team.

There is no limit or additional costs associated to how much our Support Team is called on. You can even call us up for “How To” questions!

Smart Dolphins

delivers its services through two different approaches,
depending on our clients existing IT infrastructure and needs:

Alliance and Team-Up

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