Managed IT Services

We deliver top tier IT solutions in Victoria and Vancouver that empower you to use your IT to achieve your goals.


The vast ocean of IT poses a challenge for businesses (especially SMBs). We’re up for the challenge! We’ve engineered our holistic approach to simplify the IT function for your organization. Our robust system allows you to focus on your core strategy and vital elements of your operations, knowing that your IT needs are in the hands of a great partner.

With over two decades of experience, Smart Dolphins has honed a unique approach to Managed IT Services. We have also packed the Pod (our team) with talented Dolphins (our people). We’re not just here to keep your IT systems swimming along. More importantly, with Technology with Porpoise, we will transform your use of technology and modernize how you operate. We deliver modern IT solutions that empower you to use your IT to achieve your goals.

Our Managed Services

Our version of “Managed Services” (“What is a Managed Service Provider, really?“) is like the type of comprehensive IT department you see in large enterprise companies. We’ve scaled this model appropriately for the size of the “SMB” organizations we serve. This way, we are more than just here to troubleshoot the day’s problems (although we do this well). Instead, Technology with Porpoise will drive meaningful progress in your IT.

How we work: “Alliance”

We believe in forging strong partnerships with our clients, so we call our solution offering “Alliance.” We have fixed-price relationships with all our clients that establish a predictable investment for our system of seven service deliverable areas (see below) that drive predictable results. “Month-to-month” agreements that grow and shrink as needed offer you flexibility and peace of mind. Let’s do this! With your Smart Dolphins “Allies” in place, you get out of the “IT business” and build the vision for your organization.

We can also “Team Up”

If you have existing IT staff, let’s “Team Up”! We modify Alliance, so your existing IT staff becomes a part of our Support team. This approach lowers our fixed price, gives your valued IT team the value of our Pod, and delivers valuable synergies of both “in-house” and outsourced IT.

Our Seven Service Areas, in brief:

We have designed a unique and valuable service delivery system with seven distinct and integrated areas to be proactive and drive progress.

1. Support

We provide you and your team with unlimited, efficient, friendly, and caring service for your day-to-day IT needs.

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2. Client Success

We advocate for you and actively integrate well with your business; you get the most from our comprehensive services.

3. Virtual CIO

We bring leadership, planning, budgeting, and consultation, aligning your technology to modern best practices and your business objectives. 

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4. Virtual IT Manager

We dive into the details with proactive auditing, documentation, and problem prevention. vITM is where the proactive rubber hits the problem-free road.

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5. Centralized Services

We curate, implement and manage technology, tools, AI/automation, and broad oversight of your IT systems.

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6. Project Services

Our professional services team brings expert procurement, careful planning, and technology renewal, creating fundamental operational transformation for your business.

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7. Training

Our expert trainers and different modes of training delivery empower your team with the knowledge and skills to make the most of your IT investment, Raising your team’s IT IQ – the final and critical mile of IT success.

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The Dolphin Difference

We make three primary promises to you, the combination of which delivers a unique and valuable result:

IT Empowerment

Elevate your team to do their best work through technology training, coaching and consulting.

A Modern IT Solution

A flexible, secure and collaborative IT solution providing the foundation for your business growth and success.

Caring Dolphins

Professional, talented Dolphins who are a natural extension of your team.

Your Next Step

The specific benefits our clients enjoy are context-dependent, and, as such, we love consulting with leaders like you to help you understand what our approach can produce for your organizations.

Schedule a meeting today to discuss how Technology with Porpoise will raise the tide for your organization and team.

Do you need to learn more before we meet? Check out some of our case studies or some of our “Smart Things” (Resources).