Smart Dolphins believes it is critical for businesses to empower their teams to make the best use of today’s technology; training is the “last mile” of investment in our IT and our people. Technology training is purpose-driven for us. We hope you feel the same.

 We offer a variety of public, custom, as well as client-only training services. Follow the icons below to find out more about each service.

ModernTech Workshops

Smart Dolphins will assist your employee onboarding and training efforts through online classroom-style workshops that deliver technical and cybersecurity skills your team needs to operate safely and effectively in their modern technology environment.

SkillsBoost Platform

A platform delivering comprehensive, on-demand training of Microsoft365 applications, cybersecurity and more. This training targets organizational needs with tailored “learning paths” of short, focused videos to help boost your employees’ skills. The platform can also function as your business’ LMS to incorporate custom training content. 

Public Events

We offer a variety of valuable training opportunities to our community and clients, free of charge. These sixty-minute training events include topics such as Microsoft365 applications, business, and cybersecurity. Please visit our upcoming Public Events page for more information.

Custom Training

Smart Dolphins will work with you to develop and deliver custom training content for your organization. We have a variety of specialties, including Microsoft365 applications, Adobe Acrobat, cybersecurity and more! Visit our Public Events page to see a sample of potential topics we can customize for your organization. Email us for more info.