What is Modern IT?

by | Oct 24, 2023 | Business, Microsoft

The Foundation: Modern IT 

Smart Dolphins equips our clients with what we call “Modern IT.” While this might initially sound vague to you, at Smart Dolphins it represents the impactful potential that modern technology can bring to an organization. Modern IT is seeing what is possible beyond email, software, files, and Internet access – the tools we’ve grown accustomed to over the past few decades. Modern IT is about opportunities to dramatically improve how you and your team do your daily work, which has emerged in recent years. 

Consider an analogy: the “iPod” versus the “iPhone.” Just as everyone has a mobile device these days, every business has IT systems. However, some companies are still stuck with the IT equivalent of an iPod – a simple music-playing device. This traditional IT comprises the familiar computers, email, and internet access everyone has used for a decade or two. In this context, the iPod represents a rudimentary version of what’s possible and severely limits the success of a team working in this environment. Progressive organizations have moved on to the iPhone – a step-function leap in capability that is dramatically more impactful. This “iPhone” vision for IT is what we mean by Modern IT. 

Flexibility: Adapt and Evolve 

Modern IT is characterized by flexibility. It’s about creating adaptable solutions that grow with your business. As your organization expands or contracts, your technology infrastructure should flex with your scale. But flexibility isn’t confined to scalability. It’s also about enabling your team to work from any location or device without compromising productivity or security. 

As champions of the Modern IT approach, we have fully embraced this flexible and modern model at Smart Dolphins. Our team seamlessly operates from various locations, whether it’s our homes or our headquarters. By leveraging the foundations of Microsoft 365, standardized hardware, cloud-based tools, and comprehensive training, our team enjoys a consistent work environment, no matter where they are. This high degree of mobility not only boosts our productivity but also enhances employee satisfaction and Dolphin longevity. Modern IT is the cornerstone of our thriving workplace. Moreover, it has allowed us to optimize the utilization and longevity of our physical office space, extending its utility beyond the limitations of traditional IT that required everyone to be in the same location. 

Security: The Modern Approach 

Of course, security is an imperative aspect of Modern IT, including implementing multi-layered security strategies. We go beyond the traditional basics and bring in measures such as multi-factor authentication (MFA), Managed Detection and Response (MDR), and many other advanced tools. Our Modern IT solution also balances security with associated frictions for organizations and their busy people. 

Security has traditionally been about protecting your fortress – your office – from the bad guys. Get yourself a great firewall, and you’re feeling good. With Modern IT, our access and data become increasingly ubiquitous, so your traditional IT “moat” around your castle is less relevant. You and your team’s email and files are now on multiple devices and accessible anywhere. With Modern IT, we bring new tools and strategies to these kinds of emerging challenges. 

Lastly, you’ve probably heard (you should have by now!) that the weakest link in your security chain is your people. We are passionate about delivering exceptional and engaging training in various forms to your team. The threats are becoming more sophisticated, and ongoing cybersecurity awareness training is critical to keeping your company safe with Modern IT.    

Collaboration: Revolutionize Work 

Collaboration is a keystone in how Modern IT truly revolutionizes how we work and the value we produce daily. Modern IT solutions enhance communication and cooperation across teams, irrespective of their physical location. This is where you can really change your workflow for increased efficiency and more impact in your work. 

With Microsoft 365, for example, we’ve seen first-hand how tools like Teams and SharePoint can transform how teams work together, allowing for real-time document editing, efficient task management, and engaging virtual meetings. Asynchronous work is also much smoother – no more emailing multiple versions of your files to many people. Email is so 2010. 

Prerequisites for Empowerment 

One of the most potent aspects of Modern IT is unlocking the empowerment of the end user of the technology. It shifts the paradigm from users passively receiving basic technology tools to actively engaging with them. 

Modern IT tools allow you to take control of elements of your IT that used to be the responsibility of your IT people in the server room. Modern IT is easier for leaders with the right foundations and ongoing training. If you want to create a new committee to act quickly on an exciting, emerging opportunity, there is no waiting for your IT person to set a network share and permissions to store your related files. Instead, with Modern IT, you are free to make a collaborative working space in Microsoft Teams with shared files and an accompanying shared OneNote notebook in minutes. Let’s get to work! 

The Journey to Modern IT 

The concerns you might feel about your legacy IT are warranted. Your newest competitor is almost surely beating you on the IT front right out of the gate, as they have the advantage of not carrying the weight that your legacy IT brings to your company. This new competitor can start fresh – no old servers, data, or antiquated workflow. This is an unprecedented competitive factor that long-standing companies all face.  

To be clear, Modern IT is about something other than keeping up with the hectic pace of the latest tech. SMBs do not need to be bleeding edge. Instead, Modern IT is about reshaping your organization and work to realize a better future for you and your team. It is about bettering how you work to be more flexible, secure, and collaborative. It’s time for a change. 

We understand that the transition to Modern IT can seem daunting. Concerns about disruption, costs, and learning new systems are common. But we’ve walked this path with many organizations, helping them navigate these challenges and emerge stronger on the other side. 

Consider Smart Dolphins as your guide for this journey. We stand by our clients, providing ongoing support and partnership as they adapt to their new IT environment. We believe in continuous improvement, not just in the technologies we deploy but in how we serve our clients. 

Ready to Dive In? 

If you’re ready to explore what Modern IT can do for your organization, we’re here to help. Let’s start a conversation about your IT needs and how we can elevate your team to do their best work. Contact us today, and let’s make a splash together.