A small not-for-profit association dedicated to enhancing mental health all across BC scaled their IT with renewed investment with the overall mission to protect the public through the promotion of safe and ethical practices in clinical counselling.

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Years ago, the association invested in a business server that had not been deployed properly and was missing the configuration necessary to harness its capacities. Increased downtime, reduced productivity and potential security risks led their leadership team to seek out a cost-effective IT overhaul. A challenging office environment – three converted apartments in a concrete building – further strained their IT network. A decision to re-locate into one office ushered in a new era of IT leadership:

• Hardware was not deployed properly;
• Out-dated back-up system;
• Poorly organized and dated hardware components;
• Connectivity problems;
• Multiple locations, all in concrete buildings

​Solution and benefits

Smart Dolphins understands the unique IT challenges not-for-profits face having worked with numerous non-profits throughout the years.

• Smart Dolphins re-built their IT infrastructure and properly deployed their business network to acceptable performance levels.

• We resolved their connectivity issues by re-configuring their email and file-server to fully leverage its functionality, moving from a workgroup to a domain.

• We replaced their older back-up process with a secure, real-time, off-site back-up standard that is monitored on an ongoing basis. Performance and reliability improved immediately.

Smart Dolphins continues to support their IT infrastructure on an ongoing basis in their new location.

Get the IT help you need

TechSoup for NonprofitsLooking for additional IT support? One excellent resource is TechSoup. They have many of the standard software solutions at a fraction of the cost and valuable resources ranging from cybersecurity tips to webinars.