Keep Your Business Running With Managed IT Support Services

Proactive, managed IT support that moves your business forward

So, you are thinking about the technology at your business and the type of support you are currently receiving. Perhaps you have asked yourself, “are we experiencing the best possible IT support, available to us?” Well, if you have to ask…

Don’t pack your own operations and data parachute

You would not pack your own chute the very first time that you go skydiving. Nor would you pack your own chute if you dive only once every three to five years. So, like great IT support, you leave it to the professionals, who — to use a metaphor — pack chutes every day. Protect your digital investment!

The IT landscape is continually evolving. Keeping up with industry best practices, security and privacy concerns as well as the latest innovations requires serious involvement in the IT industry — that’s us, equipped with top-tier technicians to boot.

There are two primary versions of IT support available: the break-fix kind and the proactive Managed IT support variety.

Standard break-fix support has its place. For example, if your office has just a few computer users and the business you run is not too IT-sophisticated yet, break-fix (most IT out there) will do for now.

Pretty much any small to medium-sized business will need an MSP (Managed Support Provider) once you have at least a dozen users, maintain business productivity and reduce downtime with our support and services! Call us today!

We Take High-Quality Managed IT Services Seriously

Smart Dolphins IT Solutions is Vancouver Island’s leading managed IT support company. The company is world-ranked MSP right here on Vancouver Island. For 21 years, the company, currently located at Quadra and McKenzie is also ranked as a top place to work in Canada, by Great Place to Work Canada®.

To provide managed support, there is a proactive approach as well as industry best practices that need to be followed — we do that.
We cover long-term planning to daily IT support, with a robust help desk, as well as a team of virtual chief Information officers (vCIOs).
Smart Dolphins takes IT off your plate. Should you choose to partner with us, Smart Dolphins becomes your IT department — not just a contracted vendor. A Smart Dolphins’ vCIO will plan your IT future in collaboration with you. A detailed, but simple-to-digest IT roadmap will inform our support and help guide your growth, security, and the strategic role that IT plays in the running of your business.


IT Support Helpdesk

  • Unlimited remote helpdesk
  • Onsite and after hours support
  • Online support portal
  • Third-party liaison
  • Procurement


  • Managed anti-virus
  • Managed anti-spam
  • Enterprise firewall
  • DNS security and web content filtering
  • Security planning, monitoring and response

Management and strategy

  • Virtual IT Manager (vITM)
  • Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO)
  • Best practices review
  • IT documentation
  • Asset and inventory management
  • Short and long-term IT planning
  • Backup management
  • Disaster recovery
  • Patch management
  • Remote monitoring and management
What makes Smart Dolphins managed IT support so unique?


At Smart Dolphins we have three core values that underpin everything that we do. We continue to build a team of people who believe in our core values – elevate the team, love your Dolphin life and find a better way.

Why Managed IT Support Services?

  • Predictable costs (flat monthly rate) and no surprise expenses with short and long-term IT planning
  • Certified technical experts
  • Centralized services (access the best security tools)
  • Save time (focus on your business)
  • Dedicated IT professionals in different IT roles
  • Peace of mind
  • Scalability – we can support your growing business
Problems that do not exist with Managed IT Support
  • Unpredictable costs
  • Technical debt 
  • Major security risks
  • Poor employee morale and culture problems
  • Legal issues


Award-winning Managed IT support


Smart Dolphins has ranked on the MSP 501 list year after year – a list of the world’s top managed IT service providers. We have also been awarded as Best Place to Work and received numerous local awards and nominations from the Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce and VIATEC. Take a look at all of our awards here.



Elevate the team

Professional development is a constant at Smart Dolphins. We seek to improve ourselves so that we can help our colleagues grow. We are respectful, supportive and collaborative. The more we invest in ourselves, the better we can serve our clients. Look no further for an managed IT support provider.

Love your Dolphin life

We all strive to be authentic and genuine. We choose to be positive, engaged, and inspired. We appreciate what we do and share our successes with our colleagues. We are passionate about delivering exceptional managed IT support.

Find a better way

We continuously seek to improve our managed IT support processes to serve our clients better. Our team is driven to be agile, innovative and embrace change. We seek to make the client experience better and encourage all of your feedback.

What our clients say

Managed IT Support Solutions

Alliance is our comprehensive, managed IT support solution. We charge a fixed monthly price and take full responsibility for the end results of your IT.

Co-managed is a solution tailored to your needs. We help your internal IT team succeed. In a co-managed partnership, an internal employee or team would be responsible for the frontline reactive day-to-day service or internal facing IT and Smart Dolphins would bring our proactive tools and processes to support the rest of the company.

Now more than ever, businesses recognize the value of strategic IT guidance. A reliable managed IT support provider will help you achieve your goals.

Still thinking about your current IT support needs?

Reach out to us to book a meeting to discuss your current IT situation and whether it makes sense to consider partnering with Smart Dolphins to be your IT department going forward.

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