What is a virtual IT manager?

Category : | Posted : Nov 3, 2021

What is a Virtual IT Manager (vITM) and why you may need one?

A virtual IT manager is an outsourced IT expert who has gained the certifications and experience necessary to manage business IT systems.

Our virtual IT managers at Smart Dolphins IT Solutions, drive the proactive IT work that is too often neglected by small IT service providers or the over-busy internal IT employee. The vITMs are the “boots on the ground” that ensure standards are adhered to and IT is aligned with business goals. In essence, they are the evangelists of best practices and standards. The key responsibilities of our vITMs are:

  • Scheduled IT audits
  • Alignment reviews (best practice review)
  • Documentation review and management
  • Monthly health checks
  • Onsite visits
  • Service ticket reviews
  • Collaboration with Virtual Chief Information Officers (vCIOs) and project team
  • Alignment tasks
  • Problem analysis
  • And more

Not only are our virtual IT managers the face of our company they also have an in-depth knowledge of our clients’ technical environments and are well-positioned to act and engage in customer advocacy. They are also subject-matter experts possessing a solid foundational understanding of specific industry, technology trends and challenges.

Our virtual IT managers work closely with our vCIOs and project teams to ensure that our clients’ IT is the best it can be. Because of adherence to process (health checks and alignment reviews) they have the oversight to pinpoint problems, identify risks and provide advice on future growth needs required for network systems and IT infrastructure. By outsourcing your IT management to a virtual IT manager, your team can focus on the other strategic elements of your business.

When does your business need a virtual IT manager?

  • During a growth period (increasing number of users)
  • Increases in technology complexity
  • Outgrowing current IT (internal or outsourced)
  • Too small to justify a full-time internal manager

How can a virtual IT manager help your business?

  • Expertise – our vITMs work with a diverse range of businesses and have in-depth knowledge of IT environments in specific industries, such as law firms, engineers, not-for-profit organizations, accountants, technology etc.
  • Security and business continuity – with a vITM you have the oversight you need to ensure your business it protected. Regular health checks, alignment reviews etc., ensure due diligence.
  • Improved productivity – our vITMs help keep your technology functioning in alignment with your business needs. Ongoing review creates a process whereby problems do not go unnoticed.
  • Cost savings – continuous investment in technology renewal ensures that your IT is up-to-date, preventing costly incidents like data breaches, ransomware etc.



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