We’re getting lots of inquiries about infections from Mindspark/MyWebSearch/Ask toolbars.

Who is Mindspark?

A marketing firm and data reseller.

What is it?

Mindspark offers hundreds of different toolbars with different names, the most common being the ‘Ask’ toolbar, as well as mywebsearch, mindspark, safepcrepair. Almost all of them have a common style of a search box, button and a series of links to low quality websites and contains the Ask logo on the right.

Why is it bad?

These toolbars log absolutely everything that you are doing on your browser which potentially includes logins to secure sites. They can inject and replace advertisements/content and potentially share everything logged with unknown third parties.

What can you do?

Never, in any situation install add-ons on Remote Desktop servers. Generally, you should avoid installing anything on shared workspaces, especially any toolbars. Be very careful when installing free software on workstations, reject options to install toolbars, cleaners, etc. that are commonly bundled with the program. If you see these toolbars on your workstations, please let Smart Dolphins know.

ESET antivirus is blocking most of the activity.

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