We’re seeing a significant increase in email phishing scams. The financial departments of small-to-medium sized Vancouver Island organizations are being targeted and business leaders are now coming to terms with the costly consequences of poor passwords coupled with lax cyber security practices and policies.

If you’re using Office 365, you can add another layer of security – Multifactor Authentication (MFA). This feature can be enabled by your IT professional and users can activate it within a few minutes.

MFA simply put is a method by which a user verifies his or her identity by using their login credentials in addition to accessing a passcode from another trusted device. Today, most professionals use their mobile phones via SMS message as a second authentication method. With MFA enabled, a hacker will be prevented from accessing your email even if your password has been compromised.

If you’re concerned about email phishing or have questions about enabling MFA at your workplace, reach out to a Dolphin.