Island Thrive: Season 2

Episode 1: Stability and optimism in the Southern Vancouver Island commercial real estate market

Guest: Ty Whittaker Executive Vice President of Colliers International

Episode 2: In conversation with Dan Gunn: Social capital and technology innovation around Greater Victoria

Guest: Dan Gunn Executive Director of VIATEC

Episode 3: Workplace culture, succession and scaling up at Megson Fitzpatrick

Guest: Laura Bolster President of Megson Fitzpatrick

Episode 4: How Mayor Young's 28-year tenure in politics has shaped Langford, BC

Guest: Stew Young Mayor of Langford, BC

Episode 5: Prosperity, sustainability and diversity: Reflections on business around Greater Victoria with Bruce Williams

Guest: Bruce Williams CEO of the Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce

Episode 6: Resilience and collaboration on the road to recovery: A conversation about civil society with Carol Hall

Guest: Carol Hall Director of Strategic Initiatives at the Victoria Foundation

Episode 7: Scaling up Starfish Medical: Leadership Insights from Scott Phillips

Guest: Scott Phillips President of Starfish Medical

Episode 8: Recovery and rebuilding: The United Way of Greater Victoria Covid-19 Response

Guest: Mark Breslauer Chief Executive Officer of the United Way of Greater Victoria

Episode 9: Defending the human firewall: a conversation with The White Hatter

Guest: Brandon Laur Executive Manager and Instructor at The White Hatter

Episode 10: Advancing sustainable business: A conversation with Jill Doucette

Guest: Jill Doucette Founder, Synergy Enterprises

Episode 11: Uncovering your X-factor with Isabelle Mercier-Turcotte

Guest: Isabelle Mercier-Turcotte of LeapZone Strategies

Episode 12: Talking business and journalism with Tess van Straaten

Guest: Tess van Straaten of Chek and Boulevard Magazine

Episode 13: In conversation with Eric Jordan: Indie video games, discovery and bringing happiness to gamers

Guest: Eric Jordan CEO of Codename Entertainment