Island Thrive

Season 1: Navigating the pandemic from Vancouver Island


Covid-19 rushed into our lives. For some business leaders, the impact was immediately devastating; operations ceased and layoffs were initiated. For others, the experience was manageable but required speedy innovation. Our vision is to create a space where local leaders can have frank conversations about the ups and downs of doing business on Vancouver Island. Our focus in the first season will be about navigating both the opportunities and challenges that the pandemic presents but as time moves forward our focus will shift as businesses evolve. And to be clear, this isn’t a podcast just about technology, it’s more about business, specifically business on the Island.

Every road leads back to caring about the people who are our business partners and our customers. 

Victoria Shannon

President, Hansbraun Investments

In the first two weeks of the pandemic, we got to implement things that we talked about doing over the next five years. The amount of learning in that first 14 days was incredible.

Andy Spurling

President, Proline Property Management

Island Thrive Podcast
Island Thrive
Episode 1: Stability and optimism in the Southern Vancouver Island commercial real estate market

Guest: Ty Whittaker Executive Vice President of Colliers International

Episode 1: The rush to work from home
Episode 4: The three stages of the work from home transition

Guest: Ty Hedden vCIO at Smart Dolphins IT Solutions

Episode 7: A conversation with Andy Spurling: Leading a business through a pandemic, generational change and work-life balance
Episode 10: Where privacy collides with technology: backtracking the work from home rush

Guest: Marilyn Sing, Certified Information Privacy Professional and Principal of IPP Consulting

Episode 13: Adapting to the ‘new normal' with Rosalind Scott of the BBB
Episode 2: Leading with Values
Episode 5: Building BC: Innovation, collaboration and safety amid a pandemic
Episode 8: Microsoft, hidden risk and the modern workplace

Guest: Jesse Smith, COO of Smart Dolphins IT Solutions

Episode 11: Riding out the storm: A conversation with Ryan Burles, President of Black Ball Ferry Line

Guest: Ryan Burles, President of Black Ball Ferry Line

Episode 3: Making sense of layoffs amid a Pandemic

Guest: Sheridan King lawyer at RLR

Episode 6: Navigating crisis with innovation: How Covid-19 impacted the Victoria Women’s Transition House

Guest: Susan Howard, Development Director of the Victoria Women’s Transition House

Episode 9: Peer groups, success and heightened IT risks in the small business market

Guest: Josh Kotler, COO of CompassMSP

Episode 12: A return to sport under the new normal: A conversation with Jill Shaw of KidSport Greater Victoria

Guest: Jill Shaw Executive Director of KidSport of Greater Victoria