Covert with Zamzar

by | Jun 1, 2015 | Business, Quick Skills

Covert your file formats without shady software. Ever needed to covert a file – perhaps a video file so that you could play it on a different device, or an image to a different format – and had to scour the Internet for programs shadier than that guy with a trench coat in the alley?

Like everything else that’s moved to the cloud – now they’ve even done it with file conversion tools. Check out Zamzar.  If you need to convert it, Zamzar can probably do it. Here’s a better idea of what they can convert for you:

Free File Conversion

The process is very simple:

  • Visit;
  • Follow their 4 step conversion process;


  • Check your email for a link to the converted file;
  • Download your converted file in ZIP format, right-click it and extract it;
  • Voilà!

I wouldn’t convert any sensitive data, but Zamzar is good for the everyday image or video that you’d like to share with others. It’s one of the few “FREE file converter” tools that is not laden with malware.