6 Years of tech tips

by | May 24, 2017 | Business

6 Years of Tech Tips

Credit Guy Davis and Davis Stewart

Happy anniversary Pod Pointers! Six years ago today, our tech tip blog was born. We’ve shared tech tips on everything from network security to business continuity to productivity apps and more. We’ve produced over 150 Pod Pointers.

How do we do it? Every other week, Dolphins produce short tech tip summaries. We review, edit and send them out via email and post it to our blog.

What was our all-time most popular Pod Pointer?

When switching away from an iPhone, don’t forget to unregister. Proudly produced by our Podfather, Dave Monahan on Feb 14 2014.

Thanks to all of our Dolfans for opening up your bi-weekly tech tips email and following our tech tip blog. Cheers to many more years!