Do computer users at your small or medium-sized business use the same email and the same set of passwords to login into all of their online accounts?

Well, we hope not, but the reality is that password reuse is common and for this reason, we recommend SSO.

SSO is an authentication process that allows a user to access multiple applications with one set of login credentials  – which is a wonderful solution for those who prefer to limit the variety of passwords that they use.

It’s been around for a while but it’s still not the norm in small and medium-sized businesses.

Here’s the top two reasons why your business should be using it:

#1 SSO improves the user experience because they are less likely to lose, forget or use weak or repeat passwords. This allows computers users to be more productive because they will spend less time resetting passwords.

#2 SSO strengthens your security. The logic behind SSO is that because users only have to remember one password, they will be encouraged to use a strong, complex one and keep it private. Some SSO solutions even offer enhanced security like biometric authentification, voice detection and fingerprint identification.

Thirty-three per cent of companies are using more SaaS applications than they did in 2016 with the average being 16 apps per company.


You can further improve security by having MFA enabled on your SSO account and enjoy the benefits of MFA across any accounts that are tied to your SSO.

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