Microsoft Teams keyboard shortcuts

by | May 27, 2020 | Business, Microsoft

What would a productivity suite be without some keyboard shortcuts?


The most basic is: @ which is used to mention a person, channel or team. This will alert people to the message. Additionally, your admins can create custom @ tags and create special groups of members/channels to allow notification to selections of people that the standard @ list provides. 

/ Commands:  

Here are a few keyboard shortcuts which you can use in the big ‘search’ bar at the top of your teams window: 

/activity – view someone’s activity 

/available – change your status to available 

/away – change your status to away 

/busy – change your status to busy 

/call – initiate a call with selected person 

/dnd – change your status to ‘Do not Disturb’  

/files – shows your recent files 

/goto – jump to a team or channel 

/help – opens help 

Teams Short Cuts

/join – Join a team 

/keys – view the keyboard shortcuts 

/mentions – see all your mentions 

/org – view an org chart (this needs to be setup first in Teams with the ‘reports to’ fields) 

/saved – view saved conversation.  

/unread – shows you any unread messages in your channels 

/whatsnew – shows whats new in Teams 

/who – ask questions of contacts and teams members