“Sharing Made Simple” Droplr

Category : | Posted : Apr 25, 2016

There are lots of options for cloud service file sharing but Droplr is my favourite.droplr

Use Droplr to share files, screenshots or to screen video. Download it on your desktop or on your iPhone or iPad.

"Sharing Made Simple" Droplr

The biggest advantage to using Droplr is that it is just so easy to use. Just create an account, download it and start sharing. It’s also very affordable for teams and FREE for power users.

I first learned about Droplr through our Controller, Mariola. I needed some help inputting my time within the time-tracking component of one of the software services we use. She responded to my inquiry with a Droplr video.

With 400,000 users, Droplr has become a popular tool for people to share between team members within an organization. If you haven’t tried it yet, give it a go!

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