by | Apr 5, 2011 | Business

Are you Schnizzin? Well if you aren’t, then we aren’t living! OK, I bet 100% of the people out there are not Schnizzin right now, but I am! A little less than a year ago I went to a conference aptly called Schnizzfest in Philadelphia to represent Smart Dolphins with a smiling face and a head like a dry sponge ready for a Olympic sized pool of liquid.

Ok, let’s take a step back. What is Schnizzin? I need to tell a little story to get to the answer of this question. More than 2 years ago Smart Dolphins joined a coaching group led by a Gary Pica who is known in our industry as the MSP Legend. In this group we learned a lot more about the MSP business and how it can be structured. We compared that to our current business and saw some minor and major changes we could make to allow for greater success in the future.

Again, what is Schnizzin? Schnizzin is something that this coaching group introduced us to. It is that great feeling you get when you are doing well. You are helping lots of customers, you are solving problems, you are introducing your way of doing business to businesses that need IT done right. It is that happy, excited, thrilled, pumped, amazing feeling you get from doing a great job and helping that business out. Schnizzin Baby!

This is so core to the coaching group that when I was in Philadelphia for the above mentioned conference there was a Schnizz-Off held. I was called onto stage in front of about 100 people to give my best Schnizz. I made it to the finals but alas, I lost! I lost because I was outnumbered. The Canadian to US ratio of people  was just too much for me to overcome. I ended up taking the runner up place, or as I like to call it, the Schnizz Master of Canada.

The conference is happening again this year in June and I am very excited to go so I can take a second stab at the Schnizz Off. I will reign supreme.

So, are you Schnizzin?