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Category : | | Posted : Sep 30, 2020

As of this writing, we have recorded our first 14 episodes of our new “Island Thrive” podcast. Although it is early in the learning curve, we’re feeling optimistic that this is a great start to something impactful. We hope you agree.

The podcast was a natural extension to the Business Outlook Survey that we did in response to the pandemic. The survey produced a wave of collective intelligence and we didn’t want this kind of valuable community sharing to be just a one-time thing. We had debated the value of a podcast for years but now the timing was clearly right.

The objective with the podcast is to have a variety of conversations with leaders about topics that are uniquely relevant and valuable to our local island community. There has been some experimentation within that theme as we try to assess local demand and tastes. We’re hungry for that feedback, should you have any.

Of course, we started with content directly related to navigating the impact COVID-19 had on our local businesses. It was an intense period of quickly crowd-sourcing best practices and we wanted to play a part in the collective conversation. As the immediate “COVID craziness” subsided (and we all looked to navigate the coming quarters and years), we steered the discussion to match. Of course, we can’t help but sprinkle in some IT commentary, but this is first and foremost a business podcast.

Thanks to the early guests and listeners who have participated. As we seek to find our voice and brand, the intent is to continue with this effort indefinitely. So, if you’re reading this, hopefully you also like listening. Join us in the conversation and help the Island Thrive podcast continue to grow and reach a larger audience.

If you would like to be a guest on the podcast or you know of someone with a story to share, please let us know. Send us a email at:

Every road leads back to caring about the people who are our business partners and our customers. 

In the first two weeks of the pandemic, we got to implement things that we talked about doing over the next five years. The amount of learning in that first 14 days was incredible.

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