How do you manage all of your passwords?

by | Oct 8, 2019 | Business, Cybersecurity

Are you using a password manager at your small business? How many passwords do you have to access in your day-to-day work? Is there as many as 20 or how about up to 50? According to LastPass, a small business employee has an average of 85 passwords that they will have to use at some point. Passwords must be managed in some way.

Employees reuse a password an average of 13 times. Canadians reuse their password an average of 15 times.


How to not manage your passwords: Do not write down your passwords on a piece of paper that somebody can find. Another way not to manage your passwords is to not use the same password on all the different websites and applications that you use. Even if one of those applications or websites get compromised, then a hacker will have your password which will enable them to get into the sites you visit and the applications that you use (where you have used that specific password). Also, avoid using your birthday, pet names or common words found in the dictionary.

In addition to following these basic guidelines for managing your passwords, we suggest using a password manager service. One that we often recommend is called LastPass: A password manager allows you to keep all your passwords in one location and have them safety encrypted, so that nobody can hack that information without the master password that you control.

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