Outlook tips and tricks

by | Jan 9, 2012 | Quick Skills

Outlook email delay

Delay delivery of that delicate Outlook email! Want to send an email, but don’t want it to be delivered right away?  Choose when, with delayed delivery!

To choose when an email gets sent:

– From inside the email, choose Options

– Click Delay Delivery (in more options)

– Choose the time you want the message to be sent

– Click Close and send your email.

It also isn’t widely known, but Outlook has the built-in capability of delaying all of your outgoing emails by a specific number of minutes, giving you that precious amount of time to open up the Outbox and press DELETE on a message that you really don’t want to send.  To configure this feature takes only a few small steps:

– Find the Rules and Alerts area of Outlook

– Choose New Rule

– Choose Apply rule on messages I send and press Next twice, and then Yes

– Choose defer delivery by a number of minutes, then click on a number of at the bottom, and enter the desired number.

– Click OK, Next, Next and Finish.

This rule only works when using Outlook, so don’t think it will save your bacon if you’re using Outlook Web Access, iPhone, etc to send mail.


Multiple windows


Did you know that you can open multiple windows of Microsoft Outlook? View your Outlook calendar and email at the same time with this quick tip!

Have dual monitors? Sick and tired of switching back and forth between portions of Outlook?  No longer have this minor annoyance!

– Simply right click on the calendar button and click Open in New Window

– You now have two Outlook windows open at the same time!

No, it isn’t double the fun – but it just might be double the efficiency!

Being productive is that easy with these Outlook tips! Stay tuned for more!


Time-zone Scheduling 


Have you ever mixed up the time of an appointment between people in different time zones?

Outlook makes it easy to schedule an appointment in another time zone.

New appointment > Time Zones > Select your time zone > Save and close

Add a Second Time Zone

If you travel a lot or frequently coordinate appointments between people in different time zones, take this feature one step further by adding a second time zone to your overall calendar view.

Calendar > Options > Scroll to time zones and select the option to show a second time zone.

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