Smart Dolphins new website

by | Aug 31, 2017 | Business

During our first quarterly planning meeting of this year, we decided that our website needed a complete overhaul. We’ve always developed and managed our website internally with poor results, so this time around, we knew that we had to outsource the project to experts. I used a tool called Wayback Machine to explore the evolution of our website presence through the years.

IT support 2007


Initially, we had no idea what the timeline would be or how to set a budget. We knew that we needed some professional photos, a snazzy new video and that we had to outsource the project. But what was really driving this project?

Growth. We outgrew our online image. Our website no longer reflected our professionalism or our culture. One of our core values at Smart Dolphins is always be growing and it was time to integrate this value into our marketing strategy.


After interviewing various local web development businesses, we decided that Caorda was best suited to provide us with what we envisioned. We worked closely with their exceptional team of developers, designers and digital marketers to create a website that makes us stand out.


We wanted to tackle some major marketing challenges with our website. Our prospects often wonder, what does Smart Dolphins do? How are they different from every other IT service business? We wanted the business community to understand better what we do, how we deliver it and why our clients’ love us. We wanted a website to bring our story to life. We didn’t want a boring website that simply listed our IT services, our technical partners and software and so on….we really wanted to share our culture.


We’re over the moon with our new website. We’ve had prospects call us just because of our website. Special thanks to the amazing team at Caorda, the ladies at BK Studios for our headshots, Aaron Lutsch of Rhymes with Orange for our candid photography, our clients for sharing their success stories and our own amazing team for their contributions to this project.