Secure your mobile devices

by | Jan 23, 2020 | Business, Cybersecurity

Most businesses today often require employees to work remotely with mobile phones, tablets and other devices. Many professionals are using these devices at home and connecting to public wifi.


Here’s 5 quick tips for basic protection to keep your mobile device secure:


1. Lock your screen. Consider this your first line of defense.
2. Encrypt your data. If someone does get their hands on your device, encryption will make it very difficult for them to access your files.
3. Do not automatically connect to wifi. Connecting to random public wifi can put your device and data at risk.
4. Avoid setting up a mobile hotspot. This could make your device vulnerable to being intercepted so just don’t do it.
5. Ensure that you review the permissions of any apps. Does an app have access to your contacts, your microphone, camera, location? That’s a lot of information that could fall into the wrong hands. It is highly recommended to install apps only from trusted sources and be aware of all the permissions that you are granting.


The average smartphone user these days has between 60 and 90 apps on their device.



98% of enterprises report that employees use smartphones for business purposes today.