It Only Takes One Click!

by | Jul 23, 2015 | Business

We’ve all come across email phishing viruses (see example below). It is very easy to include an attachment in an email with a virus, from which some type of malicious code is downloaded without the user knowing.

Help! I downloaded an email attachment from an unknown sender and I think I’ve been infected, what’s going to happen?

It only takes one click! The consequences largely depend on the type of malware and the device infected. If your corporate network has been compromised, you can expect some damages, both direct and indirect including:

  • Lost productivity;
  • Use of corporate network resources to send spam;
  • Complete breakdown of the corporate network or the loss of business critical data;
  • Data recovery.

Malware MonsterIf data is critical to your organization, safe computing education is key. Minimize your risk of infection by developing and following some best practice strategies.

Beware of Phishing and Spam – Do not open emails from unknown senders. Ensure you are using a quality, updated, antivirus capable of scanning email attachments. Remember, legitimate financial institutions will not ask you to give them sensitive account information via email.

Exercise caution with attachments and downloads – Do not open email attachments from unknown users, or from known users without reviewing the email preview content.

Common Sense –  Be vigilant and cautious of websites, software and people. If you are uncertain about a file or link, ask a technical support specialist for assistance.

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