Watch out for ‘Norton LifeLock’ Messages

Category : | | Posted : Feb 27, 2020

A new and aggressive email phishing campaign has been spreading rapidly since January. The message contains a document with macro that will install a malicious remote access tool on the end-user’s computer. If you receive a document in a message with an urgent request do not continue and close the message immediately.

You will never see a legitimate file with a Norton Lifelock prompt like the one currently circulating. If you have concerns about a message or attachment, we suggest you contact the sender through a means not provided in the message (i.e, call them using contact info you have or by searching the company).

If you have any questions or concerns about phishing or suspect mail, please contact Smart Dolphins IT support at:


Alternatively, you can join us at our next cybersecurity awareness training. We recommend all end-users attend one session per year. You can find a list of our upcoming sessions at:

Find all the details of the Lifelock incident here:


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