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Category : | Posted : Jul 31, 2017

Helmsman Management is a leading Vancouver Island asset management and consulting firm. Founded in 2014, Helmsman’s key area of expertise include: financing, strategic analysis and risk management.


The Challenge

Helmsman’s dated IT infrastructure needed a complete overhaul to increase efficiency, reduce their IT costs and simplify their network.


The Solution

Helmsman’s business is driven by the principles of efficiency. They recognized the importance of server upgrades, the implementation of new file sharing software, a clean-up of user accounts and the removal legacy hardware.

Efficiency and Productivity: Helmsman’s IT is now up-to-date and efficient. They purchased the needed equipment, removed old hardware and added a new virtual server.

Cost Management: Helmsman no longer invests in maintaining outdated server hardware and
software and benefits from fixed and predictable operational IT expenses.

Improved Collaboration: New file server enables employees to easily and securely share files with co-workers, customers, and investors. They can collaborate on documents that are always current and remotely accessible.



Smart Dolphins managed the implementation of these changes without any unscheduled downtime. Meticulous planning, specialized software tools, and on-site workstation visits ensured that systems were operational during the work day.

Smart Dolphins proactive approach to IT systems has increased our productivity while providing an excellent level of support- Calum Mackinnon/Helmsman Management

Helmsman now benefits from the results of proactive IT. And, with Smart Dolphins as their IT support partner, they know their network will continue to function seamlessly as they grow.

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