Gamify your tasks with Habitica

by | Jul 11, 2017 | Business, Quick Skills

Building good habits is a lot of work, and while rewarding on a cosmic scale, you don’t always get immediate feedback that you’re doing something good for yourself. If you’re like me, you’ve longed for someone to transform these sometimes tedious tasks into a simple, interactive RPG-style mini-game!

Wait no longer, try Habitica.habitica

Habitica is a task management app that helps you improve real life habits. It “gamifies” your life by turning all of your tasks (habits, dailies, and to-dos) into little monsters you have to conquer. The better you are at this, the more you progress in the game.

The concept is very simple. You are a little pixel character. And you have a customizable list of tasks.

Gamify your Tasks 1

The tasks can be completed daily, weekly etc. and you can add as many as you want to. You can also build in negative habits that you want to avoid.

You gain XP/HP for good actions, and lose XP/HP for bad actions. This leads into a system of items and perks, which leads into a combat system with rewards.

It only requires a few minutes of your time every day, and is extremely simple to use. It also provides push notifications so that you remember to update your stats each day. There’s also group and organizational options, that help you stay accountable and track larger team-based goals. Give it a shot: