No more email spiral!

by | Aug 21, 2020 | Business, Microsoft

Way back in 2015, President Dave Monahan, shared the Email Charter – 10 rules to resversing the email spiral. Fast forward to 2020 and most of what was laid out in the charter only applies to external communication for anyone using Microsoft Teams.


With Teams you have less email clutter, as messaging replaces much of what internal email tends to occupy. 

You also gain the following benefits: 

  • Channel conversations are threaded. Conversations stay together and new replies alert users so that they can catch up. 
  • Search all content. All of your chats, meeting notes and conversations are searchable within Teams so you can access older information.
  • Access data for an indefinite period of time. Data is also stored so long as your accounts remain active.
  • Access attachments in OneDrive or Sharepoint. Message pastes, emails sent to chat channels and presentations are all stored in the Sharepoint backend for each team. You’ll find each channel and the files tied to them. Chats are similarly stored linked to your OneDrive.
  • Teams channel conversations don’t fork. Conversations remain in their threads so long as the thread is part of the communication, even via email.  

If you’re still getting stuck in the email spiral and want to get started with Microsoft Teams, contact us for a consultation.