IT Contingency Planning

Category : | Posted : Jul 13, 2016

We often hear from prospects that they “love” their IT support person and that their IT is “fine.” They’ve been doing business with him or her for over ten years. Often, when we dig a bit deeper, we discover that there is no contingency plan in place for that day that their IT person doesn’t or cannot respond to a big IT problem.

wasted time

Technology is volatile. Software is added, removed and twisted. Operating systems get bogged down. Nothing is in-your-face-broken, but tiny computer problems mount exponentially and become a constant drag on you and your team. And, there is always the risk of that big IT earthquake.

If you’re sure your IT is fine, then you must have an IT contingency plan in place.

Key benefits include:

  • Reduced risk of downtime;
  • Accountability: Clearly defined IT roles and checks and balances to ensure oversight;
  • Leadership: Empowered leadership that understands your business and the current state of your IT infrastructure.

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