This Saturday, March 31st is World Backup Day. A simple backup is no longer sufficient to support your business when disaster strikes. The top 4 causes for backup failure are:

  • Network outage
  • Server error
  • Human error
  • Ransomware

In this video, you’ll learn about intelligent backups, specifically, new recovery time standards, testing specifics and the importance of a hybrid backup solution.

Take time this week to review your current backup and disaster recovery (BDR) solution.

• Do you have a disaster recovery solution in place?
• Do you trust it?
•When was the last time your backup was tested?



• How long does it take to recover from your current backup solution?
• How long can you realistically be down? 1 hour? 1 day?
•What is the financial cost of downtime to your business?
•When a disaster occurs, is there an offsite copy?

Need your backup assessed?