Referral Program

Refer Smart Dolphins IT

Do you love Smart Dolphins IT and how we provide support and leadership for our clients? Do you know of a business we might be able to help?

To encourage our Dolfans to connect us with potential clients, we have created a referral program.

Please send your referrals to (or directly to your favourite Dolphin) with the following information, where possible:

o Organization name
o Name of contact
o Phone number or email address
o Nature of your relationship
o Any additional notes you think might be helpful

Where appropriate, an introduction is appreciated!

After we have met with the contact (in a sales capacity), we will immediately pay you $250 for that referral.

When your referral signs a service agreement with us, we will pay you another $2000.

To qualify, the referred prospect must not be a former client or prospect currently in discussion with us. The meeting and agreement must occur within 90 days of the date that the referral was made.

Smart Dolphins IT has nuanced criteria that typically make for a great client relationship. As such, we need to qualify referrals and decline the opportunity to meet and/or do business with the referred company.

Donate to not-for-profit

Not interested in the financial incentive? We would be thrilled to donate the incentive earned to your preferred British Columbia not-for-profit in your name.

Do you know of a business we can help?