This “Foundational Tech” workshop series includes five 90-minute remote learning sessions that cover a variety of topic areas that form the basis for every modern professional’s foundational workplace technology tools. This series is perfect to use as part of your new employee onboarding process or anyone who doesn’t yet feel like a modern technology “power user”.

We have found that “Foundational Technology” training can provide benefits that empower your individual employees, strengthen your team and overall, increase organizational success.

Improve productivity

Employees trained on the technology they use to perform their work will gain efficiencies and improve effectiveness. They will be empowered to do their best work and will spend less time troubleshooting their tools.

Improve Problem Solving & Critical Thinking

Foundational technology training can help employees develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills that can be applied to various tasks and projects.

Increase Employee Satisfaction

Employees who feel competent and confident in their ability to use technology to execute their work are more likely to be satisfied and engaged with their jobs, as well as motivated to continue learning and growing.

Enhance Adaptability

By providing foundational technology training, you can help employees develop the skills and knowledge needed to adapt to new workplace technologies, as they are introduced.

Boost Organizational Competitiveness

Keeping employees up-to-date on the latest technology trends can enahnce your company ‘s competitive advantage.

All workshops are 90-minutes and with limited class sizes (20 or less) and run over a five-week period. Workshop structure is intended to help all individuals get engaged with the subject matter and, exact content within the workshop series will be shaped by surveying participants in advance so topics can be directed by the specific needs of the learners.


  • Session starts: TBD
    • please CONNECT with us if you’re interested in running this privately for your organization
  • Schedule: Weekly, every Thursday at 1:15 pm
  • Workshop duration: 90 minutes
  • Class size: 20 participants (or less)
  • Format: Online via Zoom
  • Platform:  Windows 11 recommended


  • Smart Dolphins MSP Clients:
    • please CONNECT with us if you’re interested in running this privately for your organization
  • Non-MSP Clients:
    • $275 per person for all five workshops, or
    • $66 per individual workshop

Week 1 - Navigating Modern Technology like a Pro

  • key skills and “pro tips” in your modern Windows environment.
  • Working with the New Taskbar and Start Menu
  • Organize Apps and Windows, Snap layouts
  • Working with Widgets
  • Using Multiple Desktops
  • Managing Settings

Week 2 - Where are my files?

Orient yourself to the new collaborative Microsoft environments of OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams, where file sharing is dynamic and flexible.


  • SharePoint Document Libraries
  • User Interface and Navigation Pane
  • Add new or existing files and folders
  • Share Files and Folders
  • Check out Files
  • Using Alert Me
  • Using Workflows


  • OneDrive User Interface
  • Adding new or existing files
  • Sharing Files and Folders
  • Collaborate in Real-Time


  • Teams User Interface
  • Using the Navigation Pane to Access Files
  • Access OneDrive and SharePoint Files through Teams
  • Live Collaboration
  • Using Channel File Tab
  • Managing Files in a Channel

    Week 3 - Cybersecurity Fundamentals

    Ensure you’re not the weak link in the cybersecurity chain for your organization; learn about the latest cyber-threats and tools to stay safe.

    Week 4 - Effective Communication

    Outlook email, Teams instant messaging and Teams channel conversation “best practices” for critical and collaborative modern communication.

    • Manage Emails using Quick Steps
    • Using Message Options
    • Using Multiple Views in Outlook
    • Communicate from Outlook to other apps like Teams
    • Chatting in Teams
    • When to Chat vs Email
    • Using Group Chats
    • Posting in Teams

    Week 5 - Get Organized

    Manage your work in Outlook, ToDo and Planner. Move from notepads and sticky notes (or your brain) to using the powerful, modern Microsoft organizational tools.

    • Using Outlook Views
    • Microsoft Planner User Interface – HUB
    • Creating a new Plan
    • Creating and Managing Task
    • Assigning People to Tasks
    • Using Buckets
    • Planner Views
    • Using Planner app online, with Teams or in Outlook
    • Using To Do’s in Outlook online vs desktop
    • Using Smart Lists
    • My Day and Suggestions
    • Important, Planned vs Assigned to Me Tasks
    • Adding Steps
    • Share a Task List