Smart Dolphins Grows Wings

by | Oct 31, 2019 | Business

Smart Dolphins was born at a time when people surfed the net through dial-up and email was considered new-age. Technology progressed and IT support became more complex than just answering the phone quickly and plug wiggling. In response, we developed our comprehensive managed services approach. Today, risks and opportunities continue to intensify and as a result, Smart Dolphins is evolving by expanding our service offerings once again.


Every business should consider how they can be more strategic. How can we all be safer? How can we all use technology more effectively? Smart Dolphins is positioned well to continue to lead our business community through these challenges, by going deeper and wider for our clients and community.

In my previous post, I shared my concerns about local businesses who are struggling to invest enough dollars and in an appropriate fashion into their technology. We historically have focused on the core network infrastructure, but everyone, including our clients, need more than just great IT.

IT Support

We have several strategies to do more for our clients and the Vancouver Island business community. One specific plan that we are focusing on is helping to educate local professionals. Technology often does nothing meaningful until it is enabled by a person getting important work done. We want to help the critical human link in the chain by providing more thought leadership and direct training. Continue to expect more from us in 2020. We are excited to widen our impact on this amazing business community!