Why IT companies exist

by | Jan 25, 2011 | Business

I couldn’t tell you how many times clients and prospects have prefaced their questions with statements like:

  1. I’m not very technically savvy…
  2. This is probably a stupid question, but…
  3. I really am not worthy of my computer…
  4. Etc

This is understandable in one sense. Technology is everywhere and they are critically important for business. Opinions about technology (past, current and future) whiz around with gusto. I can see why people feel they SHOULD know more than they do. On the other hand, how is this different than accounting or legal advice. I don’t go into my lawyer and preface my requests for advice/service with some statement that implies that I shouldn’t be there.

It really comes down to specialization. There is too much for us all to know and do on our own. You go to a lawyer and accountant for their specialized knowledge and experience. Same with Smart Dolphins. We serve as the technology brain for other companies. We aren’t here for only those who are deficient in what they really should know. In fact, some of our biggest clients are fellow technology companies who are very technically savvy already, but understand that we have our part (the IT infrastructure) nailed down so they don’t have to.

 Your questions and concerns are VERY NORMAL and ultimately they are why IT companies like Smart Dolphins exists.