Revisit the rush to work from home

by | May 4, 2021 | Business

Now is an ideal time to consider the technology changes that were made over the past 12 months.  

Some business leaders are looking to bring more employees back into the office while others are looking to keep more employees working remotely long-term.   

At Smart Dolphins, we witnessed some leaders opt for a distributed workforce model and this resulted in significant business changes. Some downsized their office space, hired new employees from abroad and reduced their office costs, in some cases by drastic amountsBut, in turn, they also had to invest in new cybersecurity tools to keep end user workstations secure. For example, they may have had to do a company-wide multifactor authentication project or put in a new remote access system.

What about you? 

For you, regardless of the workplace model you embracedit is important to take stock of the decisions and the investments as you consider your future in business. Interestingly, we did see that some IT investment changes were prioritized over others and little IT projects, like replacing old computers, got overlooked.  

If you are a business leader that decided to keep staff in the office, you may still want to consider some remote access tools for a variety of reasons, ranging from collaboration to communication to file storage.   

So, take a step back, take stock of the past year, review that rush to work from home scenario that took place. See what you did and did not do and how you can ensure your systems are secure and modern as we move into recovery and perhaps growth mode. 

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