Smart Dolphins IT is servicing Greater Vancouver

by | Apr 1, 2022 | Business

Smart Dolphins IT has started servicing businesses located in the Greater Vancouver area. We have talked about geographical expansion for years, so this is an exciting new development.

Why now?

A dramatic transformation is happening in business and IT; Smart Dolphins IT has a critical role in this transformation. Vancouver is an important strategic decision for us in this context as it positions us well for a much different future.

A “dramatic transformation” might sound…well, dramatic. We have all gotten used to technology upgrades year after year — faster hardware and new software versions. And the term “transformation” has been used to describe these changes for years. Do we all need more features in our software or more speed?

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What is happening now is not just a new version or a simple acceleration. We are not just creating prettier documents and sending emails faster. The security, flexibility, and collaboration accessible to most small businesses is changing the way we work in dramatic fashion and to great benefit.

A related shift is the dissolution of geographical boundaries. Remote, hybrid work is here to stay. Businesses are servicing customers remotely. This is what we at Smart Dolphins IT are calling “Everything From Anywhere” (EFA). Positioning your business to do this well will become a competitive requirement in time. We are embracing this opportunity and eating our own dog food.

Technology is a keystone tool in how we create unique value for the world. With geography dissolving, all businesses need to consider becoming more specialized and competing in a larger region — perhaps globally. Local generalists in all industries need to adapt to a new world or risk becoming commoditized. Smart Dolphins IT is on the offensive here, and we are positioning ourselves for our clients who want to do the same.

We are specifically looking to be more targeted with new client acquisitions and offer something unique for a broader geography. We believe there is an enormous opportunity to help companies looking to leverage their knowledge workers through this transformation.

If we centre our businesses around our people, we need to ramp up their tech skills around their tools. We also need to ensure we are evolving and optimizing our operational workflow and systems in ways that embrace the opportunities today and which continue to emerge.

An IT provider cannot simply put your computer on your desk and keep the Internet flowing. We need to provide training and consulting solutions that help business leaders shape their businesses and elevate their people around their technology. Smart Dolphins IT is now providing this to a larger area in southwest BC.


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