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I think I best reveal a secret: I’m not as Smart as I’ve let on. Okay, well, maybe that isn’t much of a secret.

I’ve bragged recently about changes to our IT support fees and shared some of the stuff we have done to be more successful. Well, I’m here to admit that I might have borrowed a few ideas here from others.

One of the best lessons I learned early on in my business career was to find people who have had success and emulate what they have done. Smart Dolphins IT has been in business for nearly 15 years and in that time I’ve:

  • Participated in a number of business peer groups;
  • Read a bookshelf full of business books;
  • Attended dozens of conferences and;
  • Watched hundreds of hours of webinars.

All of these activities were important in my professional development. One thing was the most important. In 2011, I joined a business peer group that changed my life: TruOnes (odd name, but awesome results).  The key differences between this group and others I have belonged to is that:

  • TruOnes is an industry specific peer group whose members are all trying to perfect the same business model: Managed Services Provider (MSP).
  • TruOnes has a great weekly and quarterly structure and accountability. Success builds each quarter.
  • TruOnes is founded by Gary Pica, an MSP Legend ( Bob Penland is a pretty awesome influence here too.
  • TruOnes has a whole bunch of really smart members that are unusually committed to helping Smart Dolphins become World Class. I reciprocate.

A huge thanks to my TruOnes family:

  • James Ford – ActiveCo
  • James Kudla – Tarry Tech
  • Jeff Tebele – RCS
  • Jerry O’Dwyer – Wave
  • Jon Schram – The Purple Guys
  • Kevin Launey – BIOS
  • Mike Reece – Reboot
  • Sean Barr – Looking Point
  • Tim Brennan – SysArc

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