Getting started with Microsoft To Do

by | Jul 13, 2021 | Business, Microsoft

Microsoft To Do is a list maker, daily planner and task manager. We love it at Smart Dolphins IT because it is easy to use and it helps us stay organized.

It is free with a personal Microsoft account, and you can use it through a web browser, desktop application or a mobile application. If you have a Microsoft 365 subscription through work, or personally, it integrates with other Microsoft products, namely Microsoft Planner and Microsoft Outlook.

In this video demo, Technology Success Director, Joe Payne, demonstrates some of the key features. He outlines how to add a task, add more details to that task, like a due date or make it a recurring task, drag and drop files, add notes or granular steps.

Joe outlines how to keep your tasks organized by marking them as important so that the tasks move to the top of the list and are included on the smart list. He shows you how to use “My Day” and how to add tasks to other smart lists, such as planned, assigned to you (Planner integration) and flagged email from Outlook. Joe demonstrates how you can create a personal list which includes tasks that one can share with others using an invitation link. Finally, he recommends that you spend some time reviewing the settings where you can turn off the integration and hide and unhide smart lists and set some other options as you see fit.

If your business has questions about how to better leverage your Microsoft 365 subscription, talk to us!