Thanks Jim!

by | Mar 30, 2012 | Business

As a part of our ongoing bragging about being an Award Finalist for this year’s GVCC Awards, I’d like to share another letter of support from my mentor and good friend, Jim Ralph (former president of Roger’s Chocolates):


February 6, 2012

The Selection Committee

2012 Business Awards

Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce

Dear Committee Members

It is my pleasure to strongly support Smart Dolphins in the Business of the Year Category for the 2012 Business Awards presented by the Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce.

I first came into contact with Smart Dolphins at the2005 Business Awards. Dave Monahan was a finalist in the Young Entrepreneurs category, and Rogers’ Chocolates was a finalist in the Lifetime Achievement Category. The young and the old awards were won by Dave Monahan in the Young Entrepreneurs category, and my company at the time, Rogers’ Chocolates, won in the Lifetime Achievement category. Since that time I have kept up a friendship with Dave, and have followed the success of Smart Dolphins.

I have personally met most of the staff. The fact there has been very few staff changes over the years speaks very highly of the company. They believe in strong customer service along with an outstanding commitment to the community. Being past president and director of Big Brothers and Big Sisters, I can attest to the financial support and time that Smart Dolphins has given to the organization .Many of the Smart Dolphins staff are on boards, and can be found at many charitable fundraising events. A company policy to be actively involved with the community, and to run an honest and successful organization are the reasons Smart Dolphins have been so successful and respected. I have recommended Smart Dolphins to other companies and have heard nothing but praise for their service and IT support.

Over the past five years I have been a mentor and friend to Dave Monahan. I have developed a huge respect for his strong and ongoing focus on self improvement, and business excellence. It is very rare to find a CEO that is more committed to his business, family, company, and the community.

I fully support and applaud the nomination of Smart Dolphins in the Business Excellence Category.

Yours sincerely

Jim Ralph

Past President & General Manager

Rogers’ Chocolates Ltd.

Thanks Jim!