A Tectorian in Tectoria

by | Apr 29, 2011 | Business, Quick Skills

I live in Tectoria. I am an Tectorian.

Smart Dolphins has been an involved VIATeC member for a lot of years and proud to be so (we were 2008 VIATeC Member of the Year, by the way). You know you are part of a great group/community when the community is defined by its members AND the members are defined by the community. I have enjoyed many business groups over the years, but none feels more like a community than the technology community or as is now known as Tectoria.

Understand that the technology sector in Greater Victoria is the largest private industry in the Greater Victoria region at $2 billion a year in revenues. There have been many factors that have gone into making this happen, but one of the things that is critical is attracting talent and investment to our area. It will continue to be critical to tell the world about what we have to offer. VIATeC and many of the technology companies and leaders in the area have begun to promote Tectoria. Dan Gunn from VIATeC explains in a recent post on Tectorian.com:

The plan is to run a promotional campaign at all the city’s entry points so that the millions of visitors to Victoria each year leave knowing that Tech is our #1 industry and if they love it here they can stay to work and/or invest.

Are you a Tectorian?

Learn more at: https://www.viatec.ca/