IT support leadership

by | Apr 5, 2012 | Business

People and companies have a tendency to repeat patterns. Some patterns are positive and helpful; others, not so much.

I meet with a lot of business leaders who are in a lot of pain when it comes to their IT. There is lots of evidence of their pain when we dig in and examine their technology. The good news is, technical challenges are fixable and it isn’t hard finding someone who is competent enough to correct most issues if they’re given a chance.

The interesting thing is, most don’t recognize that the technical pain is not the root problem. How did the mess really come to be? How can the company avoid ending up in the same situation in a few years? Swapping out a server and/or buying some new workstations doesn’t fix the long term problem.

From our nearly-twelve years of experience, these situations are very common. It is our belief that the root problem is a lack of proactive technology leadership. Technology is hard. That is why a business needs dedicated, talented and experienced resources to LEAD the technology functions on an ongoing basis.

Smart Dolphins can fix a problem, install and manage the latest technology and relieve immediate risk. More importantly, we break the pattern that many companies repeat: we bring proactive technology leadership to the table.