Microsoft Teams: The Hub for Teamwork

by | Feb 25, 2020 | Business, Microsoft

The way we work is changing. Our work today is much more team-based and collaborative with many more remote workers than previous generations. Because of these changes, we need tools that “work the way we do.” Microsoft Teams is the hub for teamwork, where you can communicate, collaborate and store files.

With Teams, you can manage all your conversations, files, and tools in one workspace. Create and edit documents right in Microsoft Teams. Speed up employee onboarding with persistent conversations and instant access to files. Search across people, files, and chats within one hub.

We are now offering Teams training. Are you new to Teams? Or, are you a professional user that could benefit from in-person group training? Join us for ninety-minutes where we will walk you through Teams. We will weave in best practices and etiquette to help you optimize your work and get the most out of your Office or Microsoft 365 environment. Need a longer training session at your workplace? No problem! Just contact us at:

Microsoft Teams

47% of Canadian employees work from outside one of their employer’s main offices for half the week or more.

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