Covid-19 business survey

by | Apr 9, 2020 | Business

My crystal ball has never been that trustworthy, but I could sure use a little clairvoyance right about now. How about you?

We all wish we had a better sense of what the future holds for our business community, as we all go flying through this Covid-19 crisis. Obviously, there is not much historical context that can guide this situation.

What can we turn to in order to gain some sense of what to expect for our businesses in the coming weeks and quarters?

As always, every business is going to have their own journey to navigate, but I have personally been trying to reach out to local business leaders to get their experience and expectations. I’ve been gaining a collective community sentiment and considering how that might help Smart Dolphins stay strong through current and future challenges. These unstructured conversations have been useful, but I want to do more of this than I have time for in my day.

It occurred to me that perhaps others are also interested in what others in the business community are thinking and doing. As a hub in our business community, Smart Dolphins can play an important role. We have the great privilege to work with and connect with many progressive business leaders, representing diverse sectors. I’d like to use this unique perspective to collect and share the community sentiment, experience and view on our future.

We have put together a Covid-19 Community Business Outlook Survey with the hope it will help the local business community better navigate the current situation. 

My vision here is a short (5-10 minutes) survey that engages a wide range of local business leaders in a broad knowledge share. The output of this will be a short (1-3 pages) executive summary from the findings.
This kind of data collection and analytics is not my day job, but we are all adapting and looking for ways to help. I think this is close enough to my wheelhouse to invest in this experiment. If this goes well, I will consider doing this on a recurring basis (every 4-8 weeks) until the interest in this diminishes.

The business information collected in this survey is used only by Smart Dolphins IT Solutions Inc and confidentiality will be maintained. We do not share your information with any third parties under any circumstances.

I’m also considering making this a part of a broader “business community conversation.” I could see a lot of value in some form of “shared intelligence content” that helps us all share and learn our way though this. Maybe a podcast, videos, webinars, online roundtables and/or case studies on how business leaders in our community are finding success in the challenge.

I hope to get a strong response to this survey – the more that respond the better the macro information that can be shared.

Of course, I’m totally open to ideas and feedback.


Dave Monahan