We are Moving!

by | Jan 28, 2015 | Business

Smart Dolphins is migrating to a new home. On March 1st we will be calling Unit #303 3995 Quadra Street home.

This address is better known as Saanich Centre, at Quadra and McKenzie and is home to Thrifty Foods, Starbucks, London Drugs, etc. Why a retail centre, you might ask (given we’re not a retail business)? Many don’t realize there is some nice commercial office space in the complex. You’ll soon find Smart Dolphins on the third floor – unit #303.

515 Dupplin Road has been the home to The Pod for a long time. It’s been so long, I don’t recall the exact date, but it has definitely been over a decade. It has been such a great home for us in many ways. Lots of great memories and tons of valuable work accomplished under that roof. We will be moving on with a heavy dose of nostalgia. Make no mistake. We are seriously pumped about these new digs.

There are lots of reasons why we are moving. The new space puts an exclamation point on the operational renovation we have undergone over the past few years.  We are in many ways a different company and so it is important to have a home that is a reflection of who we now are. Unit 303 will do that well.

303 isn’t in a fancy glass tower, but this this is clearly an upgrade. The patios surrounding the space offer tons of natural light and even some views of the surrounding area. The layout of the space is great (especially post-renovation) and much more functional.

We’re adding about 50% more space, affording lots of room for our growth plans. We are also thrilled to be renting from the fabulous Hansbraun Investments, long standing customers of ours and amazing people. Lastly, let’s note the convenience to walk downstairs and do some shopping at all these other great businesses in Saanich Centre.

I beg you to come by for a visit in 2015. A major goal with 303 is to open our doors to our customers, colleagues, partners and the business community at large. We have plans to continue to expand our “Get Smarter” initiatives and build a strong Smart Dolphins community. We will have perfect boardroom space for “lunch and learns” and areas for various social events. Establishing a presence in a popular centre (with ample underground parking), we’re hoping that our customers, partners and friends will accept our sincere invitation to pop up to 303 for an impromptu visit. You have my personal guarantee that there will always be an abundant supply of social beverages on hand.

Smart Dolphins is on this planet to improve lives through business excellence and leveraging the use of technology. This new space will exponentially increase our ability to make this impact on our business community. I can’t wait to see what kind of nostalgia we’ll build over the next five or ten years of living in 303.

We’ll be sharing more about this exciting change in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!