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by | Dec 18, 2018 | Business, Cybersecurity

Paying for ransomware attacks is unnecessary, investing in the best tools, security, patching and education will mitigate the risks.

PATCHING | The most basic layer of protection is to patch all computers and applications. The latest patches can address security vulnerabilities and ensure your operating systems are running at peak performance.

What is patching? 

A patch is a set of changes that an IT person makes to a computer program, or its supporting data. This is designed to update, fix, or improve the program or data. The fixes include security vulnerabilities and other bugs, known as bug fixes. Patches are often written to improve the functionality, and performance of a program. Most patches are provided by software vendors for operating system and applications. 

Patch management is a key part of our centralized services.

ANTI-VIRUS & NETWORK MONITORING | Smart Dolphins IT Solutions has invested in a robust security and ransomware prevention suite that monitors all files and traffic and filters them against all known threats. Learn about our security stack here. 
Smart Dolphins assigns a well-trained virtual IT manager to each client. They are monitored against hundreds of constantly evolving industry best practices.  
When we are onboarding new clients, the tools and technology that we install are included in the monthly fee, whereas it is industry common practices to charge extra. Security is the first of many things that our teams tackle during the onboarding phase.  

IT security

IT security is a low-hanging fruit must-do and if it is not addressed, it is not a matter of if, but when you are attacked 

According to the Ransomware Report by Canada Datto, in Canada, an estimated four per cent of small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) have fallen victim to ransomware during 2016-2017. These numbers continue to increase.

BACKUP & DISASTER RECOVERY | Smart Dolphins IT Solutions offer all our clients a business continuity solution for their critical infrastructure. This enables us to stay on top of things if an attack occurs and provide a fast recovery option for unknown threats and failures. With a reliable backup and disaster recovery solution in place, most SMBs will fully recover from a ransomware infection. 

Should disaster occur, natural or technical, Smart Dolphins ensures that our clients can continue business. We invest in the latest (and best) backup and disaster recovery solutions available.  

EDUCATION & AWARENESS | The human firewall is the weakest link when it comes to cybersecurity in SMBs today. Hardware is important. The latest software is important and all the tools in place to provide security are must haves. However, it takes just one click of the mouse by an untrained end user to bring down a business.

Smart Dolphin clients and community leaders are invited to participate in annual training to help educate employees about cybersecurity risks, new ransomware strains and best practices for spotting phishing attempts, suspicious email messages and other security risks.

All our instruction is available in live, instructor-led format with post-session Q&A’s. Review our upcoming events here:

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