September IT revamp

by | Sep 2, 2011 | Business

September 1st marks a new fiscal year for Smart Dolphins. We wipe the slate clean and start over again. What will we accomplish this year? What will we learn? What new companies will join the Smart Dolphins family in the next year? What challenges and set back await?

September is also the bang of the starter pistol. Business really gets rocking once we get over that labour day weekend and past the business-encumbrance of summer holidays. From my perspective, it has been rocking the whole summer, but now it’s officially business-season. Grab the reigns!

September also reminds me of the feeling of starting a new school year. A little anxiety. A little excitement. A little wonderment. You get to see firmer plans for what the fall and winter have in store for you. You rekindle friendships. Renewal.

September is one of my favourite months. Will an IT revamp be a part of your September? Why not take a moment to consider an IT Assessment?